The Concoctory is a Colorado non-profit, community run hackerspace and shop for the South Denver / SoBo neighborhoods.

Wait. What does that mean?
Hackerspaces are shared workshops, where people from different backgrounds and skill sets can come together to socialize, learn, teach, collaborate and work on their projects. “Hacker” isn’t the dirty word you might think. We also call ourselves Tinkerers, Makers & Artists around here. DIY is our driving ethic and any and all skill levels are welcome! Pitch in where you can and help us grow our space!

What are the member benefits? 

  • 24/7 access to the space
  • Locker to store ongoing projects
  • Large workspace, tables and comfy cafe seating upstairs
  • Use of Equipment downstairs in workshop (Check the equipment wiki for an up-to-date list)
  • Discounted Sparkfun and Adafruit goodies
  • Free Wifi
  • Snacks/Refreshments/Caffination Station
  • Same awesome workshops
  • Ability to hang and sell artwork in the mini-gallery
  • Ability to sell your inventions/art on consignment in The Creativity Shoppe and online store.
  • More involvement! Members are encouraged to participate in planning meetings, serve on the board and help steer the direction of The Concoctory Hackerspace
  • What else? It’s up to the members…

Membership Prices:
Our Standard membership is $50/mo.
That’ll get you all the services above.


6 months of membership $275

Take $25 off

6 month

Scholarship Membership – $0-$30/mo (limited to 10 memberships)

Because $ shouldn’t get in the way of creating. We can use all the help we can get around here. Drop by and talk to us about how you can contribute, and what you think it’s worth. These memberships are on a first come, first serve basis.

Sponsor – Do you represent a company? Give us a shout! 

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